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Get involved in projects, activities and industry encounters.

An online platform for student driven experiential learning and collaboration.

Projects and activities

Simply create or join an activity posted by students, professionals, retirees and educators. Get access to the activity space for sharing and logistics.

Track your projects and activities in a competency based portfolio you can later share with employers.

Office hours

Get an inside look at the day to day of diverse professionals. Use industry encounters to explore your future, build a network and get real world context to your studies.

Arrange meetings, calls and other interactions with industry professionals to help expand your relationships with those who can help you the most.

Build your portfolio

Find organisations that are getting things done on your campus and beyond.

Student organisations and campus innovation labs have their own spaces on Rally to help them make a bigger impact and build communities, together.

For student communities and open innovation

We believe students need more space to experiment with ideas and passions.

Our web and mobile app Rally will simplify access to industry and experiential learning. Its communities will cultivate online discussion about these experiences and the shared challenges of being a student.

Rally is Powered by Students

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